Charity Fund Raising

2015/16 - Legacy Rainbow House 

Over the course of the year we raised a fantastic £1722.80 to go towards this great cause. Thank you to all those involved. 



British Heart Foundation 

Well done to the children in Years 2, 3, 4 who raised a MASSIVE £2005 through their sponsored skip! We are all so proud of what you achieved. 


2014/15 Fortaleza - Brazil 

Fortaleza Brazil - Making a Difference

The Parbold Douglas Charity of the Year for 2014/15 was to help Fortaleza in Brazil. The children pictured here normally live a life of poverty and deprivation in the shadow of one of the big new football stadiums in Fortaleza, Brazil. Their usual home is a slum that is no-go area for the police.

Andrew Fanstone, an Anglican leader, took 30 children out into the countryside for a 3 day holiday. Some of the children had never been out of the slum area and had never experienced a loving environment.

Because of the funds raised by our school, Christ Church Parbold and Appley Bridge All Saints, the children were able to enjoy fun and fellowship, and to learn about Jesus.

The total amount raised from Parbold Douglas CE Academy was £1256. The majority of this was raised through a sponsored 56/ 100 mile bike ride to Lancaster (and back!). Thank you to all those who supported us. 

Extract from Andrew Fanstone's Christmas Letter 2014

The Bible says Jesus is the image of the invisible God and our challenge today, this Christmas, is to represent and make an invisible God known and visible to the people and society around us.

Making the invisible God visible.

This is our desire in Iris Fortaleza, to reveal God to people around us in simple and practical ways so that the love and power of God becomes tangible and visible to them in such a way that they can see God is alive and present and wanting to be involved in their lives. So how do you show a God of Love and Justice to children when all they see around them is violence, murder, drugs, prostitution and misery?- Well here are a few ways we have been trying to do that.

A Children’s camp.

Last month we took 40 children from the slum to a camp where they coul d just be children again.  They played games, swam in the swimming po ol, ate healthy food, sang, prayed and encountered the powerful force of the love that their heavenly Father God has for them. It is now visible to them that God is a God of love and fun and a God who loves to give good gifts to His children.


2013/14 - Alder Hey Childrens' Hospital

At Parbold Douglas, staff, parents and children joined together to raise money throughout the year for Alder Hey children's hospital. We raised an incredible total just shy of £3000.

Many Thanks to everyone who donated via Just Giving, Christmas productions, Snowdon Sponsorship and Bugsy Malone.

Below is a list of what our money has bought for Alder Hey!

£1000 - an Apnoea Monitor which is a specially designed mattress to detect when a baby has stopped breathing

£2,000 - a specialised extendable parent bed so parents can stay next to their children during their overnight stay.