Welcome to Year 6!

A warm welcome to Year 6's Class Page. Here you will find all the important information needed for the coming year.

Key Information

Housepoints and Rewards
As in previous years, we will run a housepoint system. Children are awarded points for both good behaviour and good work. Furthermore, throughout the year, children who are setting a good example will receive further rewards. Head teachers awards will continue to be awarded for presentation in the Friday Celebration Assembly.

There are significant and wide ranging changes to the Maths curriculum and assessment for the 2015/16 school year. This means that children are already expected to be secure in their mental arithmetic skills, especially tables. The school will continue to work with children to secure these skills. Written methods will also have an increased emphasis with only one ‘expected’ method being credited with marks. The SATs test will consist of two non-calculator ‘Reasoning’ papers and a ‘Written Arithmetic’ test. The latter will need children to quickly and accurately carry out written methods. More guidance is available on the school website. Last year proved that that the children who complete work little and often, succeeded the most.

Year 6 will be continuing with Read Write Inc programme this year. This scheme is based around children reading key stories which will then help them in their writing. The structure allows children to appreciate and master the key elements of writing. Grammar will have an increased focus in Year 6 due to the increased demands of the curriculum. Children will be set grammar work for homework over the course of the year.

A new spelling scheme will be introduced this year with increased demand on the children. It is expected that children will be working on these at home and this will be monitored in school.

Within school children will be given plenty of opportunities to read a wide range of books, however, it is highly important that this is followed up by reading and discussion at home. Included are some questions to discuss with your children. Again, children who read often and discuss their books with parents, make rapid progress within the Reading.

Pupils may read books from school, home or the library. Children have been asked to keep track of their reading. Please do check this record, sign and encourage children as often as possible. When children have completed a book they need to write a brief review in their diary giving details about the book (guidance given). Changing reading books should be done at break, lunchtimes or after school.

Homework in Year 6 will be different from other years. Children will be given a Maths homework book before half-term. Homework will be set when possible on a Friday and be due in on the following Wednesday. It is important to note that I do not expect a child to spend an excessive amount of time on homework. If you feel your child has spent more time than should be expected, stop them and send in a brief note with the unfinished work. They also will have opportunities to speak about homework on Monday and Tuesdays. As the Year progresses, homework may be set via email or on the iPads. Children should take responsibly for homework, not parents.

This year each Y6 child have been provided with an email. This is one thing that they will have in High School. Certain revision tasks will be emailed, as well as homework and other useful information. This also gives them an opportunity to email myself if they need clarification. These emails will be monitored and any inappropriate behaviour will result in further action and a meeting with parents. I expect children, along with parents, will check these regularly to ensure key information is not missed.

This year PE is on Mondays with Mr. Lawson and Thursdays with a member of the Lancashire Sports Partnership Team. PE Kits should be kept in school at all times as these days may need to be changed. Children who do not have kit will have to record the lesson in a written format.

Social and Emotional Health
Children need to be happy to learn. Year 6 can be a stressful time for children with SATs and anxieties about moving to high school. The ‘Buzz Box’ will be used as a way of communication between the child and teacher. Allowing children a method of raising any issues without having to directly approach the teacher has worked well in previous years and I hope you will support this from home, encouraging your children to talk to me via the box (or a good old fashioned chat) if they are worried, concerned or even happy!

iPads will be sent home after Christmas. Further information will be given in due course. The impact the iPads had last year was truly superb and we hope to replicate the same successes this year!

Most Importantly
If you have any questions, problems or feedback please do get in touch. It is highly important to keep a dialogue with all parents so that we can work together to help your child.

Mr. Lawson

Curriculum Content

For more details with regard to the curriculum content within Year 6 click here to download an overview: