The Governing Body

Meet the Governors

The Governing Body of our school comprises members of the local community, staff at local educational establishments and our own teaching staff. It is an unpaid role, ensuring that policies and desisions are properly checked.

Much of the business of the school Governing Body takes place through committees. Governors are also linked to subject areas. The Governing Body meets at least once each term as do the committees.

Parbold Douglas Church of England Academy Trust

The Members are: Dr. Richard Brian McGucken, Mr. Ken Hailwood, Rev. Sue Timmins (Vicar of Christ Church Parbold), the Blackburn Diocesan Board of Education (Corporate Member) and the PCC of Christ Church Parbold.

Parbold Douglas Church of England Academy Governors/ Trustees/ Directors

Dr Richard Brian McGucken (Appointed: 1/9/2011) is a Foundation Governor and is the Chair of Governors. You can e-mail Dr McGucken by clicking here.

Mr Ken Hailwood (Appointed: 1/9/2011) is a Foundation Governor and the Vice-Chair of Governors and Chairs the Resources committee.

Mrs Kay Baybut (Appointed: 1/9/2011) is a Foundation Governor and the Chair of the Standards committee.

Mr Julian Baker (Appointed: 1/9/2011) is a Foundation Governor and the Chair of the Premises/ Health and Safety committee.

Rev Sue Timmins (Appointed: 14/11/2016) is our Vicar and also sits on our Governing body. Interest - Trustee of a building rented to a commercial nursery.

Mrs Natalie Watts (Appointed: 1/5/2017) is the Headteacher and ex-officio member of the Governing body.

Mr Lawson (Appointed: 1/6/2013) is the Deputy Headteacher of the school and a Teaching Staff Governor.

Miss Diamond (Appointed: 1/9/2016) is a Teaching Staff Governor

Mrs Julia Santi (Appointed: 1/9/2011) is a Foundation Governor.

Mrs Alison Jones (Appointed: 1/9/2011) is a Foundation Governor.

Mr Grant Carruthers (Appointed: 1/9/2011) is a Foundation Governor. Interest - Wife is the Internal Auditor for the Academy.

Mrs Helen Collinson (Appointed: 1/9/2015) is an elected Parent Governor.

Mrs Sarah Rowland (Appointed: 1/9/2015) is an elected Parent Governor.

Mrs Lavinia Chew (Appointed: 1/9/2014)is the clerk to the Governors committees.

Mrs Pat Cooper (Appointed: 1/9/2016) is the clerk to theFull Governing Body.


Previous Governors

Mrs Pym, Associate Principal - Appointed: 1/9/2016 to 30/4/2017.

Miss Mawdsley, Elected Support Staff Governor - Appointed: 1/9/2011 to 4/4/2016.

Mrs. Daphne Durham, clerk to the Full Governing Body - Appointed: 1/9/2011 to 31/8/2016.

Mrs Cooper, Principal - Appointed: 1/9/2014 to 31/8/2016.

Rev Simon Glynn, Vicar with interest - Trustee of a building rented to a commercial nursery. Appointed: 1/9/2011 to 13/11/16.

Parbold Douglas CE Academy Committees 

StandardsAudit Resources PremisesTeaching School
Mrs K. Baybut (Chair)

Dr B. McGucken

Mrs. K. Pym

Mr C. Lawson

Mr G. Carruthers

Mrs A. Jones

Mrs J. Santi

Mrs S. Rowland

Mr. K. Hailwood (Chair)

Mrs K. Baybut

Mrs A. Jones

Mrs H. Collinson

Mr. K. Hailwood (Chair)

Dr B. McGucken

Mrs K. Pym

Mrs K. Baybut

Mrs A. Jones

Mrs. H. Collinson

Mr J. Baker (Chair)

Mrs K. Pym

Mr. K. Hailwood

Mr G. Carruthers

Mrs J. Santi

Miss. K. Diamond

Dr B. McGucken (Chair)

Mrs K. Pym

Mr K. Hailwood

Mr G. Carruthers

Mrs. A.M. Warrington (Director)


Parbold Douglas CE Academy - Attendance 2015/ 2016

Parbold Douglas CE Academy - Attendance 2014/ 2015


 StandardsAuditResourcesPremisesTeaching SchoolFull Governors
Dr. Brian McGucken3/3N/A3/3N/A3/33/3
Mr. K. HailwoodN/A3/33/33/33/33/3
Mrs. K. Baybut3/32/32/3N/AN/A3/3
Mr. J BakerN/AN/AN/A2/3N/A1/3
Rev. S. GlynnN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A3/3
Mrs. B Cooper3/3N/A3/33/33/33/3
Mr. G Carruthers2/3N/AN/AN/A3/33/3
Mrs. J Santi3/3N/AN/A3/3N/A3/3
Mr. C Lawson3/3N/AN/AN/AN/A3/3
Miss. C Mawdsley3/3N/AN/A3/3N/A3/3
Mrs. Alison Jones3/33/33/3N/AN/A3/3
Dr. H. FlanaganN/AN/AN/AN/A3/3N/A
Mr. S GreenhalghN/A2/32/3N/A3/33/3
Mrs. D. Hemmady2/3N/AN/AN/AN/A2/3

2014/15 Full Governors

2013/14 Full Governors